Design is personal. The spaces we live and work in reflect not only our tastes – but our values, inspiration and daily rhythms. That’s part of the reason I am so curious about other people’s spaces. This blog gives you a peek into those places. Together, we explore the homes and studios of people who have a love of design.

abstract vessel artwork on canvas with cane chair and mirror and summer outfit

This month, I wanted to start with my own home. Personal spaces are, well, personal. So, before I go asking questions about other people’s places, I thought I would let you into my space first.

What does a typical week look like for you?

I spend most of my week in my studio, which is my absolute favourite room in my home. My studio is where I paint, play with colours and try new artwork ideas. I also spend some of my time creating content for some lovely Aussie brands and local restaurants. And I occasionally freelance for a fashion label, getting stuck into some fun design projects with them.

Name three things that fuel your creativity?

Easy! Nature, beautiful colours, and time out.

How would you describe the aesthetic you’ve created in your space? Talk a bit about why you chose this vibe?

I would describe my space as neutral, natural and light with a touch of character. We have a lot of cane furniture in our home. We love the warmth of the colour and the organic nature of the curves and patterns created in each handmade piece.  And then, if the rest of our furniture could be white … it would be, haha! The character and bursts of colour in our home comes from our artworks and some fun homewares.

abstract lover artwork on canvas with white chest, fiddle fig, rattan basket and classic jeans and white tshirt outfit

What kind of effect do you think art has in a space?

I believe art has the ability to completely transform a space. It can evoke emotions and add character. It can be that special touch that makes a house feel like a home. That’s the reason I created Caitlin Hope. I wanted to give people the chance to invest in a piece of art which made them smile, every day.

How has the art in your home changed/enhanced your space?

The artworks I’ve chosen for our home have breathed some much needed life to the space. As I’ve said, our furniture is quite neutral and I was craving a bit of colour that didn’t dominate, but complimented what was already there. I also LOVE the beach, but don’t live very close, so wanted to create a nod to that coastal lifestyle through the artworks. I’m also very lucky to be the artist of the paintings I have up in my home. I normally have the artworks that are for sale on my website scattered all around my house because I just love looking at them.

abstract and contemporary artist studio, cane mirror, earthy tones

What are your 3 top tips for adding character to your space?

  • Decide what kind of aesthetic you love and stick to it (a good Pinterest scroll will help you with this!)
  • Choose a colour palette
  • Focus on one room at a time


I hope you feel like you know me a little better, as you got a taste of my home. I can’t wait to explore other people’s spaces and see the design choices they make. Together, we can inspire each other and learn a thing or two along the way!