To be honest, it’s not really a secret, I’m sure you’ve heard it before. But I’m here to tell you that colours really can have a positive effect on your emotions and mood.

As the artworks I had painted for you started to sell out online (thank you!) I found myself in a bit of limbo. I wanted to jump straight into painting more artworks but I knew I didn’t have any powerful inspiration and that if I painted I would be doing it purely out of skill and not with my heart.

I needed to stop and reflect. So I took a week off of ‘doing’ what needed to be done and I lay in the sun, journaled, sketched, read, sat in silence and let my mind wander. I found myself coming back to my roots. It was right under my nose… it even says it in my Instagram bio!

“I paint hoping to make someone’s day brighter”.

That’s exactly what everyone needs in this time, something to make their day brighter. So I have created a collection of artworks called HOPE filled with colours that will evoke happiness, calm and optimism and also promote energy and enthusiasm.

Blue makes you feel rested, calm and relaxed. It can balance hyperactivity and also make you feel safe.

Yellow makes you feel happy, optimistic and cheerful. It is bright yet warm and is full of energy.

Orange make you feel enthusiastic and energised. It is warm and inviting and can promote  a happy and uplifted mood.

Pink is playful and romantic. It can promote feelings of tenderness and warmth.

Beige has calming effects and when paired with white you have a palette that is pure, fresh and clean.

These artworks were lovingly created with you in mind, to lift your mood and to calm anxious thoughts; to make your day brighter.